About Smallstuff

Smallstuff was established in 2006. All our designs are unique and designed by us in Aarhus Denmark. We try our best to be innovative and to follow trends according to colors and designs. We have many ideas and love to make them real. It is a beautiful process to get an idea, make a proto and show the world. And finally see our products in homes, in function.

We love colors and beautiful designs- Vi make childrens stuff with a unique mix and match opotunity across our different colorlines. In all designs we use natural materials, cotton, wool and wood combined with hand crafted crochet and knitted items.

In Smallstuff clothing collections we use the best cotton and wool STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.
We love to make clothing that fits properly and are comfortable and soft to wear. In our collections we focus on babies and toddlers as our sizes ranges from premature to 3-4 years of age.

We want to inspire children and their creativity by entering their universe in a happy and childlike way. In addition we want to appeal to parents with natural products in high quality.

We hope to inspire...