About Smallstuff

Smallstuff designs are keeping up to date regarding colours and designs. We make designs with an unique mix and match opportunity across our different colour lines. In all designs we use natural material such as cotton and wood combined with handcrafted crocheted and knitted items.

We use the best eco-tex cotton quality for all Smallstuff clothing. We love to make clothes that fit properly and are comfortable and soft to wear. In our collections we focus on both babies and larger children as our sizes ranges from newborn to 3-4 years of age.

As for interior Smallstuff has something for eveybody. We have everything for the colorful children's room as well as we welcome you to our new universe of light colours and soft tones.

In the same colour range as our bedding and interior you will also find toys and accessories.

Our latest theme is animals. We wish to inspire children and their creativity by entering their universe in a happy and childlike way. In addition, we want to appeal to parents with products in natural high qualities and new soft colours.

We hope to inspire….